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Hazard Knowledge. It is important to consider the need to preserve the scene of the incident for investigation. Actions taken at all stages of an incident. Collecting fingerprints at a crime scene requires very few materials, making it ideal from a cost standpoint. All non-movable items at a crime scene should. It is of vital importance that all emergency services preserve any scene they are responding to, this is for a number of reasons. All medical emergencies will be responded to in accordance with CD ' Health Services. Protecting the Scene of a Crime. Pursuant to CD '. A crime scene is often preserved by setting up a blockade as investigators try to avoid contamination at all costs. One of the biggest problems faced by the police attending many premises where a crime has taken place is that no one knows how to preserve the crime scene. Preserving DNA evidence preserves the ability to prove innocence. · Do all states require the preservation of crime scene evidence? · Has any federal guidance. Governors are required by law to preserve crimes scenes and forensic person may exercise all coronial investigation scene powers in respect of the scene. 42 Keywords: crime scene investigation, collection, preservation, Scenes can be the source of various hazards including. While many agencies have programs in crime scene processing, the level principles of investigating a crime scene and preserving evidence that.

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